PAS Stunner


Low cost stunning of cattle, hogs, sows, sheep and
other livestock.

High velocity bolt action for faster processing line
operations. Ideal for larger sized slaughter plants.

Powerful penetration; easy to handle with one hand

Different power loads available for every application.

Standard safety lock for added operator protection.

Fast cartridge loading.

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Penetrating Shaft Diameter 0.45 in 11.4 mm
Bolt Extension
Standard Length 4.75 in 121 mm
Long Length 5.80 in 147 mm
Control Handle Single Trigger Manual Operation
Overall Dimensions (length x diameter)
Standard 14.10 x 2.25 in 358 x 57 mm
Long Length 15.09 x 2.25 in 383 x 57 mm
Standard Length 6.50 lbs 2.9 kg
Long Length 6.85 lbs 3.1 kg