Buster V

Used worldwide for splitting fat cattle, bulls,
oxen and horses.

The largest Jarvis splitting saw; suited for the
largest carcasses.

Superior blade life: 400 – 600 carcasses per

Best possible hygiene – spoked wheels, flat
surfaced housings and completely opening
doors – for fast, easy and complete cleaning.

The drive system is oil bath lubricated for
sustained trouble-free operation.

Designed for the operator – ultra-thin rail for
unobstructed vision and dual rear handles for

Anti-tie down controls and totally enclosed
electric motor for operator safety.

Meets national and international requirements
for hygiene and safety.

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Motor Power 3.3 hp 2500 W
5 hp 3730 W
Operating Voltage 460 / 230 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
other voltages and 50 Hz available
Capacity 180 head / hour
Control Handles Electric Dual Anti-tie Down
Distance between Guides 19.75 in 502 mm
Blade Length 127 in 3226 mm
Overall Length 57 in 1448 mm
Drive Wheel Speed 530 rpm
Vibration (less than) 115 dB 0.6 m / sec2
Weight 196 lbs 88.9 kg