For beef horns that are not accessible with
guillotine type dehorners.

For front and hind beef hock cutting
through the bone or joint.

With a 2.1 second cutting cycle, the 50D-1
is a high production, high performance tool –
used for the most demanding applications,
especially where one operator cuts both horns
and front hocks.

Best possible hygiene with updated, virtually
all stainless steel construction – minimal
corrosion problems.

Robust construction, including ground
solid stainless steel blades, for long troublefree

Anti-tie down controls for operator safety.

Meets national and international requirements
for safety and hygiene.

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Cutting Force 11500 lbf 51 kN
Cutting Cycle Time 2.1 sec
Control Handles
Pneumatic Dual Anti-tie Down 40 – 50 psi 2.8 – 3.4 bar
Blade Opening 4.5 in 114 mm
Overall Length 24 in 610 mm
Weight 60 lbs 27 kg